STEPHEN G. OLIVER-Ten most cited Publications (september,2007)

1.      Goffeau A, Barrell BG, Bussey H, Davis RW, Dujon B, Feldmann H, Galibert F, Hoheisel JD, Jacq C, Johnston M, Louis EJ, Mewes HW, Murakami Y, Philippsen P, Tettelin H, Oliver SG  (1996) Life with 6000 genes. Science 274, 546-567. [>1000 citations]

2.      von Mering C, Krause R, Snel B, Cornell M, Oliver SG, Fields S, Bork P (2002) Comparative assessment of large-scale data sets of protein–protein interactions.  Nature 417, 399-403. [>720]

 3.      Oliver SG et al. (1992) The complete DNA sequence of yeast chromosome III. Nature 357, 38-46. [>660] (Selected for the Cold Spring Harbor Volume, Landmark Papers in Yeast Biology

4.       Raamsdonk LM, Teusink B, Broadhurst D, Zhang N, Hayes A, Walsh MC, Berden JA, Brindle KM, Kell DB, Rowland JJ, Westerhoff HV, van Dam K, Oliver SG (2001) A functional genomics strategy that uses metabolome data to reveal the phenotype of silent mutations. Nature Biotechnol. 19, 45 – 50. [>370] 

5.       Mewes HW, Albermann K, Bähr M, Frishman D, Gleissner D, Hani J, Heumann K, Kleine K, Maierl A, Oliver SG, Pfeiffer F, Zollner A (1997) Overview of the yeast genome. Nature 387 (Supp.) 7-65. . [>350] 

6.      Dujon B, Gent ME, Indge KJ, James CM, Oliver SG et al. (1994) Complete DNA sequence of yeast chromosome XI. Nature 369, 371-378. [>300] 

7.      Oliver SG (1996) From DNA sequence to biological function. Nature 379, 597-600. [>200] 

8.       Oliver SG, Winson MK, Kell DB, Baganz F (1998) Systematic functional analysis of the yeast genome.  Trends Biotechnol. 16, 373-378. [>200] 

9.      Pedrioli, PGA, Eng JK, Hubley R, Vogelang M, Deutcch EW, Raught B, Pratt B, Nilsson E, Angeletti RH, Apweiler R, Cheung K, Costello CE, Hermjakob H, Huang S, Julian RK Jr, Kapp E, McComb ME, Oliver SG, Omenn G, Paton NW, Simpson R, Smith R, Taylor CF, Zhu W, Aebersold R (2004) A common open representation of mass spectrometry data and its application to proteomics research. Nature Biotechnol. 22, 1459-1496.[>150] 

10.     Allen, J, Davey HM, Broadhurst D, Heald JK, Rowland JJ, Oliver SG, Kell DB (2003) High-throughput classification of yeast mutants using metabolic footprinting. Nature Biotechnol. 21, 692-696. [>140]